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moments between posts

This also happened today:

  • 09:12 Just cracked and googled vuvuzela. Been assuming it was another of those cute names for a lady's whatnot. So many beautiful images dashed!
  • 09:44 An enormous ants nest in my compost bin! Blessed by arthropod gods! Look very happy (can ants feel happiness?) Must be the broad beans.
  • 21:32 My favourite cat is the one just chilling on the giant devo hat mraow www.ustream.tv/devo (#DEVOcats live at ustre.am/hylV )


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15th Jun, 2010 22:48 (UTC)
I keep calling them 'zarzuelas'...!
I reckon they could well bring about soaring rates of violent crime over the next month...

Edited at 2010-06-15 22:50 (UTC)
16th Jun, 2010 07:52 (UTC)
That must have made phrases like "The ambience of the world cup is being drowned out by too many people blowing vuvuzelas." conjure up some very strange images.
17th Jun, 2010 06:21 (UTC)
Or, indeed, "Boris has enjoyable "parp" on vuvuzela"
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