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Wait! That was no dream!

Ehhh, morale may be a little low today. Not as low as in certain other offices, however! "Prepare for 90% redundancy*," is rather worse than what we got. Though it's still early days, I suppose.

Then the alarm went off and I thankfully I finally left the office, feeling too poor to go down the pub... but what does that matter when there's party leftovers and bolshy perrennials to reinvision as a moderne coktail?

I present the Gardentini: a short measure each of Blackcurrant Vodka and Vermouth, a long measure of Archers, all over ice. Crush the stem of a vigorous, aromatic herb (I'm using golden marjoram) and add to the mix, with a further sprig for decoration. Sprinkle with rose petals from the garden. Serve with a side oder of disco and anti-royalist** feelings.

**Specifically "Prince Charles! Shut up and stop abusing your position!"


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18th Jun, 2010 19:24 (UTC)
Argh, sorry to hear of the work stress, it makes for a vile work atmos (I remember the tension and glum at the Borg all too well.)

In other news, fresh Summer Cocktails for the win!
18th Jun, 2010 19:40 (UTC)
ah, I'm fine
omnom! It was very fine :)
18th Jun, 2010 23:11 (UTC)
Solidarity from NGO X, where we went through this 18 months ago. Propriety and policies limit vent space, but let's just say if you want to be a spider, you need 8 legs, so we are busy contracting in prostheses. Oh, the tedium. Mixed with the tragedy. It's kind of shit. And likely to come round again. But it's not about ideology, oh no.

Also too poor to go down the pub, but I can recommend Tesco Value red mixed with bitter lemon, orange slices and lots of ice. Austerity sangria. It rocks. x j
18th Jun, 2010 23:38 (UTC)
ha! indeed
Amusingly, we too are supposed to acheive savings without impacting on any of our work. Er, how?
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