Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

I'm doing a workshop at caption

The unusual aspect of this workshop is that it's going to be happening early on Saturday, so it's designed to start, like all good apocalypses, with just a few people in at the ground floor. As the disaster develops, more and more people join in, subplots spawning, human interest blossoming in the cracks, competing mad scientists vying to be the one that seals humanity's doom. At the end, anyone can wander in, contribute an aghast look or bloody demise, and leave, in search of beer or a fascinating talk about how to make it in comics.

Here's the blurb:

Come along and join me for the comics workshop that will end the world -- before the weekend's even begun. Whether you're into mad cackling science fantasies, huge and terrible machines, monsters, aliens, robots, rabbits and other terrifying creatures, vast bewildering metaphysical crises, saving a cute puppy (or other photogenic pet) or just injecting a little bittersweet romance into humanity's final doom, there's room in the end of the world workshop for everyone, no matter how late you turn up or how little you want to do. Just remember; everyone turns up for the end of the world; and if you've got to die, let it be spectacular!

Oh, and I've been uploading photos. This is a story:

an old story

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