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update on various topics

Gardening : This week's harvest has been modest, yet bizarre. Egyptian Walking Onions (nice if you avoid the tough "flower" stalks) and tasty carrots for roasting. Out at Dr J's I've been clearing an unfortunate gravel situation (the weedproof membrane had been laid on top of the mat of moss and grass that the gravel had been intended to solve, yeesh) and fretting about a mysterious, non-thriving plant. Dr J say's it's a Jerusalem Tree, but having excluded the obvious (Jerusalem Thorn, Jerusalem Sage and Jerusalem Cherry) I'm back to having to guess from what it looks like. Hmmm.

Dr Who : Madness! Who is the shadowy intelligence mind-controlling the ancient enemies of the Doctor? Will Rory successfully escape from fiction, like that guy in the Aha video? Is Amy the trap or Pandora, who opens the box? Are we in a bottle universe made of someone's dreams? Or is she perhaps a Key? I can, after all, think of one person who would be keen to see silence fall...

Clegg/Cameron : With Mr Clegg by his side, Mr Cameron said he wanted civil partnerships to be carried out in places of worship if possible, adding: 'We shouldn't have this legalistic nonsense getting in the way of people who want to celebrate their civil partnership in churches.' Source - Daily Mail .... wait, whut?

Double Glazing : We bought some windows and a door from a reputable national firm in the end. Harlequin did her bit for the sales process by approaching the nonplussed salesman and firmly putting her paws where a little cat shouldn't. It's the cats' birthdays today so they are having extra treats anyway, but anyway, extra fuss for the kitten.

Wallpaper : I am now declaring war on the woodchip, lavender accent walls and bad paint. It will be a long campaign. But worth it!

Amy Pond Action Figure : Still not available. ETA, late July.

Monday : Happening right now. Better get to it.


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21st Jun, 2010 08:50 (UTC)
Amy Pond action figure held over to avoid giving away special feature only revealed in final episode?
21st Jun, 2010 18:59 (UTC)
If only...
21st Jun, 2010 08:53 (UTC)
Those space onions were indeed entirely mad.

Glad the double-glazing waveform has been collapsed. Agree with you it is possible to spend entirely too much brain on such things.
21st Jun, 2010 09:00 (UTC)
Amy Pond Action Figure : Still not available. ETA, late July.
21st Jun, 2010 18:59 (UTC)
You and my nephew both
21st Jun, 2010 10:19 (UTC)
Oh dear, it just got worse. I ran 'Amelia Pond' through an anagram generator and (amongst many) got:

Idea Lamp On
Dam Alien Op
Mad Alien Op

(Mind you, I also got Anemia Plod and Oedipal Man...)

Doing the same to 'Amy Pond' gives us far less to play with, 'Mad Pony' being my favourite. I'll get my coat....
21st Jun, 2010 19:00 (UTC)
I like mad pony!
21st Jun, 2010 16:34 (UTC)
War on woodchip is not easy. There will be many battles, and you will find yourself using all sorts of unexpected implements before you defeat it. Speaking as someone who's lived in a a flat for thirteen years and still has lurking unwanted woodchip...
21st Jun, 2010 22:15 (UTC)
It's on the ceiling! It's in the stairwell! It's everywhere!
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