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tenovertwelvers, your time is nearly up!

I've already had one bow out, oh noes! See you next bimonth, bloodlossgirl, be less busy! ...but that of course means there's a space or two if anyone else wants to play! The deadline to return your compilation + memory stick by the end of June. By which I actually mean the end of next week, of course. It's a busy and frantic time for everyone at the moment, but that actually makes me want to go drown myself in apocalyptic summertime tunes. A reminder of the rules, my address, etc. is in this group-locked post here and a reminder of the themes is here:

May, June
may flower combination

Mayflies, mayflowers / A fighting chance
ephemeral handbag

Summer between the mountain and the sea
heading home>


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23rd Jun, 2010 08:11 (UTC)
Aargh! Bag is SILVER, and has dragonflies on it.

And it's SILVER. I have no restraint for silver things.

Also... bag is SILVER.
23rd Jun, 2010 18:50 (UTC)
you're probably safe
That photo is a few years old
23rd Jun, 2010 21:06 (UTC)
Too late!
23rd Jun, 2010 09:07 (UTC)
I'm in if the deadline is the end of next week, as no time to do it until the weekend.

Appealing to my office for song suggestions at the moment :-)
23rd Jun, 2010 18:47 (UTC)
Yes, that is fine :)
23rd Jun, 2010 10:13 (UTC)
I thought 'Fighting chance' was in the themes somewhere...
23rd Jun, 2010 18:49 (UTC)
fortunately a handbag counts as a weapon
damnit you're right! That's what comes of doing five minute posts on the way out to work. Corrected!
23rd Jun, 2010 20:04 (UTC)
Re: fortunately a handbag counts as a weapon
Thank you! This was not mere pedantry, you understand. I have a finely honed selection of songs about fighting that's practically good to go...
27th Jun, 2010 17:36 (UTC)
I've done mine this afternoon, and it's called The Sea Will Cool You. I'll print the sleeve stuff tomorrow, but I think the B&W won't do the image justice, so I've put a jpeg on the stick so people will at least have an electronic copy of the coloured cover.

I do own a colour printer but I've no idea how to make it work.
28th Jun, 2010 15:34 (UTC)
I have done mine today...
I shall send it first thing in the morning!
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