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no light in the air today

Danced around a little girl with long blonde hair cannoning out of the Brand Names shop on the way back to work from lunch. She was waving a black plastic machine gun as big as she was and shouting bambambam! Her Dad was trying to persuade her to put on her anorak but she clearly had a more important agenda. I glanced back again when I was far enough away not to be noticed and she was staring down the road straight at me, her blonde hair curling in the rain. Dad was making some progress with the jacket. Byebye, tiny Nikita.

Wet white day, cloud too thick for real light, flecks of rain flocking round early christmas lights. Rain you don't notice until you're wet. Stinging flecks of grit and pollutants flying off the buses, black mud oozing out from between paving stones, the wet air spreading the oil spots on the road until they look like two-dimensional jellyfish in a black tarmac sea.

Found an antique treasure through Pete's weblog; the wistful and beautiful They that go down to the sea in ships. Recommended both for people who like looking at pictures of sailors, and people who like looking at mysterious echoes of the past.

[the afternoon becomes dimmer]

Evening falls in levels of grey, rooftops dissolving into the dirty-soft sky. The slick pavement, greyer than the sky, gleams softly with early lights, and everything, walls, buses, cars, coats, is coated with a glitzy sheen of dirty water, and shimmers with pearly colour (red for brake lights, blue for neon, yellow for windows) in the afternoon murk. Cars blinded by rain-fogged windows start and stop, and people hurry, identity eroded by bent heads, anonymous coats. Everything moving strikes glints of iridescent light through veils of sinking grey, less gaudy than an oil slick, more profane than a pearl, my opal city.

[night falls]

Working through the centre updates, siezed by ennui. Pulled out my pile of rough paper to see if a brief doodle would help re-energise me (strawberry tea had already failed) and realised I was drawing dear old Aubrey Beardsley, so drew him a deliciously elaborate dressing gown in the hopes that he'd be pleased enough to give me some useful advice.

Jeremy: Can you help me, Aubrey?

Should have known he'd be no practical help.

[go home now, Jeremy]


( 5 worms — Feed the birds )
30th Oct, 2002 13:35 (UTC)
wistful and beautiful indeed, these sailor pictures
31st Oct, 2002 09:27 (UTC)
Ain't It Just Bloody Lovely?
Beautiful piece of work, that site. The other stuff is interesting, too. Thanks fer sharing-
31st Oct, 2002 09:41 (UTC)
cheers, interesting stuff
... and occasionally very much chill down the spine stuff. Great Halloween reading.
30th Oct, 2002 14:40 (UTC)
Romantic rain and bicycles
Now, I still maintain that even horrible icy freezing rain retains a certain romantic quality - now maybe that's just because I've had too little rain the past 2 years.

In any event, I'll never forget my awful muddy hosing experience when riding my bicycle through the rain once ... that was a BMX without its mudflaps. I was a right mess I was. :-)

31st Oct, 2002 09:42 (UTC)
you'll get rained on when you get here
...never fear!
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