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there should be hummingbirds

I'm feeling kind of sad for my Penstemons. They're bird-pollinated, nothing in this country will do the job. There they are, all rouged up and running a riot and nothing can even get to the nectar.

It's pretty hot. The ground's getting quite solid out there. I'm getting a gardener's tan.

I took today off in order to muck out the studio. Piles of old sketches into the blue recycling bin. Story after story never finished -- Summer in Space, Blanche Goodchilde, Wings of Summer, Dandywatch, Greater Keynes. Took a pen audit. Turns out I have quite a lot of them.

Completely forgot to see if the steam-cleaner has a wallpaper stripping attachment. Maybe I should check that out now.


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28th Jun, 2010 22:34 (UTC)
Oh no; some of those discarded titles sound so intriguing. Who's Blanche Goodchilde?
And Dandywatch, that sounds cool...
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