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I have flown owls

Well, owl, singular. His name was Turner, and he was up the petite end of Eagle Owl, i.e. just whoah that's big! rather than aaaa eeek run away huge! Hooch (his brother) had been sent to another sanctuary after they started fighting. Also, a perky Harris Hawk called Shelly, who was happy to hop between visitors' gloves all day, chowing down on crunchy chick bits. Kaln the grumpy Eagle Owl was also on display, but not flying to glove because he was still recovering from an unfortunate incident with a narked Peregrine. One gets the impression that raptors and owls spend their lives in a whirl of fretful tetchiness, which is probably why I get along with them so well. I knew several of the owls (including Kaln) from their work in Oxford City Centre (where they are the very acme of shopping centre charity muggers) but it was lovely to visit them at their reassuringly pleasant home, and meet new faces like Ron the furious Golden Eagle and Ashley the beautiful Black Barn Owl.

Incidentally, anyone anywhere near Milton Keynes should go there right now. Those crazy French people who made the Elephant and the Spider and the enormous Princess puppet looked at everyone sighing and saying, "oh, I wish I could be an operator of such a puppet," and thought, right, we shall make a carousel of giant insects which people may ride on and operate with levers. And then some skeletal Bison, also with many levers. And giant fish on scissor lifts, because hey, why not? It was like sitting inside a Dave McKean picture. It was extremely fictional. There is also a mosque/bouncycastle in the station car-park (I disappointed the artist by having a camera less interesting than it initially looked) and a surpisingly joyful fusion of environmental doom and post-Ballardian auto-fetishism in an empty Sainsburys. And probably some other stuff, but we went to IKEA instead. IKEA was disappointing. They have got rid of all the colourful shiny lacquer quirky smaller sizes and replaced them with HUGE JOYLESS MASCULINE SLAB FURNITURE the colour of muesli and tears. Bah. There were also some eye-wateringly awful textiles. On the bright side, though, I finally found a continental pillow* at a sensible price, so not an entirely wasted visit.

Right, nearly there for the tenovertwelvers, just waiting on the last comp from pomma_penses -- and for me to remember to have the right card reader in the right place at the right time... but here are some more covers:

No songs have appeared twice yet, though there have been two which were on my long list.

*Harlequin kitten and my head can now simultaneously occupy the pillow. Celebrations!


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20th Jul, 2010 06:26 (UTC)
I am dropping it by after work today
20th Jul, 2010 07:32 (UTC)
20th Jul, 2010 06:40 (UTC)
We're off to MK this weekend to see Ruth and Sheep - definitely going to try to see the carousel! Shame Mirazozo will already have finished by then.
20th Jul, 2010 07:38 (UTC)
it is great!
You can park right up close to the carousel, and there was not a great queue when we were there. The cars in the Supermarket is but a short walk from there.

I expect that Mirazozo will be back again...
20th Jul, 2010 09:39 (UTC)
When last I visited a bird of prey sanctuary they all seemed very relaxed. I chatted to the owner/keeper and he said that keeping birds of prey is easy. Give them a territory (tree) where they can lurk and no one ever comes (so they feel secure) and as long as food turns up at regular intervals they are fine. He said they don't get bored and are not social which is what made many of his other animals hard to keep happy.
20th Jul, 2010 17:38 (UTC)
They didn't look bored, but some looked a bit pissed off to be in close proximity to each other. They were fundraising for an owl garden, a lovely concept if even I heard one.
20th Jul, 2010 10:12 (UTC)
Ashley is gorgeous! Any particular reason he's all smokey?
20th Jul, 2010 16:36 (UTC)
The notice on his cage said he was melanistic. However since this is just the sciencey term for "all smokey" I'm not sure it's that enlightening.
20th Jul, 2010 17:37 (UTC)
pigmentation mutation
Yup, he's melanistic, a standard mutation for many birds, though Ashley's the only owl I've ever seen sporting that look. You see it on mallards quite a bit, too -- the complimentary term is leucistic, which is the technical term for those strangely blonde-looking mallards you sometimes see.

He is quite lovely isn't he?
22nd Jul, 2010 12:08 (UTC)
Re: pigmentation mutation
As an aside, I've been really enjoying your mix. Even the chap can't stop humming and singing along to the tracks (we've been listening to it in the car and while we were painting/fimoing) - I'm going to have to give him a copy of the mix too.
23rd Jul, 2010 08:02 (UTC)
the very person!
I can't find your current return address, could you mail or message it as I have a little package of new tunes for you

oh, and thx :)
23rd Jul, 2010 08:18 (UTC)
Save the postage!
I'll be in Oxford from next Friday for Caption and should be attending your workshop, so maybe you could give the the stuff then?
23rd Jul, 2010 10:49 (UTC)
will do
20th Jul, 2010 21:36 (UTC)
Awesome! Also...
"For anyone interested Owl Photography CLICKE HERE"

You like owl? WE HAS OWL. Click for owl.

20th Jul, 2010 21:38 (UTC)
Re: Awesome! Also...
addedentry would like me to point out that http://clickforowl.com/ appears to be available. Though what he expects anybody to do with this fact is beyond me.
21st Jul, 2010 07:53 (UTC)
you could be more complicated but this is awesome enough
One page website with a button saying "click for owl". Click, it returns ramdom owl.
22nd Jul, 2010 13:49 (UTC)
moss orchidにする?
23rd Jul, 2010 08:03 (UTC)
spam hamster go away!
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