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Jeez! I'm being stalked by a building! And quite a sinister one, at that. Keep your plague pits to yourself! And your weird hotel

Right, tenovertwelvers, your CDs are in the post. Which brings us inevitably to next bimonth's theme, for July-August. I have a few ideas (Empire of..., fancy cuts, pantheon and parthenon) but nothing really gripping me yet. Probably just as well, because posting a poll on a friday night would be utter madness.


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23rd Jul, 2010 22:22 (UTC)
I've stayed in it, and it isn't following me. How very bizarre.
And happy birthday!
23rd Jul, 2010 23:36 (UTC)
That's Quite Scary...
Stalked by a building. Ohhh, one more thing to be creeped out about!

Happy birthday, and many harpy returns!
26th Jul, 2010 07:36 (UTC)
I think they're stalking me on twitter too. No idea why as I hadn't posted anything in weeks.
27th Jul, 2010 20:26 (UTC)
Um, themes, er. How about "Cut and Cover" which will let me get out some more of my extensive collection of really weird cover versions? ;)
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