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I think this is a very strange picture

Jeremy Day workshop
Originally uploaded by GirlyComic.

I'm making small adjustments to a tale of wild apocalypse featuring slugs, mutants, zombies, moon-taming scientists, a mad (and ultimately doomed) plan to combine the destructive powers of coffee and booze, more zombies and a big red button. Also, inadvertently resembling some strange beast shambling towards Bethlehem Jericho.


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6th Aug, 2010 07:46 (UTC)
Ohh,really looking forward to this...Wish i could have been there. (I bet nobody else did naked muscleman Jesus pointing the screaming damned towards the yawning chasm of Hell, with crowd-control angels blowing celestial vuvuzelas and stuff.)
6th Aug, 2010 19:03 (UTC)
alas no
Not a vuvuzela in sight (sob)
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