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people I used to like

Ant McPartlin had a run in with the Durham police:

POLICE: "Even though it was a summer's evening, driving at 127mph is folly."

ANT: "It was silly and I have learnt my lesson,"

the full story.


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4th Nov, 2002 07:02 (UTC)
I preferred this.

I might open to the door to Gareth Gates, either.
4th Nov, 2002 07:49 (UTC)
If he doesn't want the points on his license, he could pass himself off as Dec. Who'd know?
5th Nov, 2002 02:59 (UTC)
hmmm, now you come to mention it
it was probaboly Dec doing the speeding
5th Nov, 2002 03:00 (UTC)
after all
the BBC obviously couldn't figure out which one to put in the picture
5th Nov, 2002 05:01 (UTC)
Re: after all
The text says Ant is on the left, but they don't say whose left (ours or Decs).
4th Nov, 2002 08:04 (UTC)
Ant is Mr.Toad?
4th Nov, 2002 10:45 (UTC)
I just love the fact that a cop used the word "folly."
5th Nov, 2002 01:26 (UTC)
I assumed that was an amusing paraphrasing!
5th Nov, 2002 02:58 (UTC)
quote marks mean quote marks, baby!
I imagine he was desperately attempting not to say, "you're a very, very naughty boy," and panicked.
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