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comics and movies

Comic book movie time! Went to watch Scott Pilgrim last night. Illusionist tonight (Phoenix 6.45pm if anyone else fancies it).

Scotty's OK. I'm not the wildest fan of the book (it falls a bit into the annoying Hernandez/Gaimen "yes you are stupid, smooooch" trope) HOWEVEVER the truly awesome scenes are just as awesome in the movie, and Scott's slappability is sufficiently celebrated to make it feature, not a flaw. Oh, and as an aside to damiancugley, yes it certainly does pass the Bechdel test. Ramona and Roxy have a blazing row (with a giant hammer) about when they used to go out, and there are several "do you like the band, why does being vegan make you superpowered, I read your blog!" type conversations between the females, who are not just plural, but wildly distinctive. Best of all, for once the conversation between girlfriends about HIM was drowned out instantly by enormous noise, recognising the truth that nothing good ever comes of it. Ramona's wig in that final scene was VERY distracting, though. Practically deserved a separate credit.

As I wandered out, there were adverts for Tamara Drew everywhere, and it finally percolated into my befuddled brain that this is yet another comics move. YAY for Posy! I hope it buys you a rose-covered mortgage buy-out, with all the trimmings :)


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2nd Sep, 2010 14:28 (UTC)
I expect she already has the paid-for des res, but yes, yay Posy. I'm really curious to see what they've done with TD
2nd Sep, 2010 16:18 (UTC)
have to say the trailer I saw looked pretty horrible, being voiced over by a burly american. would have more to say but cat is being sick right now...
3rd Sep, 2010 17:24 (UTC)
Yeah, I saw the trailer and it looked pretty nauseating. I did not make me want to see the film at all, the characters came across as annoying and unpleasant, to the point where you didn't care about them, or want to learn any more about them.
2nd Sep, 2010 17:30 (UTC)
Not forgetting Kim, who has little wish to discuss Scott beyond heaping scorn onto him.
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