Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

that weather out there, I can't approve...

Did you see that sky? That's rubbish, that is. Also, I think I may have the first of the winter flus in residence. It's a dumb one that makes you feel a bit headachey sick tired and dizzy but not sufficient to be sick on. Where are my kittens? I need purring, stat.

Anyone who has not voted in my poll please do weigh in as I'm not off the horns of my dilemma yet.

Speaking of horns, yay for the tenovertwelvers! I have another 3 CDs. Thankyou girlycomic, bloodlossgirl and shermarama (hmm, your thesis looks fascinating!) I am now a single oxfordhacker (appropriate name dude) sized biscuit away from burning, compiling and sending them all back to you.

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