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monday miscellany -- oxford comics meet

Hurrah and phew! Pink cat's owner has come forward and explained to several national newspapers how she carefully painted her cat to match her hair with cochineal and a paintbrush. I fear the RSPCA may have some stern words, although apparently it's not the first time this particular cat has had a dye-job...

Awesome weather this Saturday! I worry slightly that we might have used up all of our good weather luck for this year, but come to think of it, after last winter, we're owed a bit of luck, weather-wise. Too bad the same can't be said for the cut-price barbecue I ordered off the internet, which had been painted with paint that looked the same as that non-flammable coating stuff but caught fire, and burnt with a soft, greenish flame. Wagga Wagga grande FAIL.

Actually, it's been a bit of a march of Capitalism Fail recently. Which doesn't really enthuse me to order that i-phone greenhouse new pair of jeans I'm needing, bah. They just feel like more opportunities to annoyed by something that's shit, and breaks.

Anyone wants to vote on the next tenovertwelve compilation themes, this is your last chance, I'm about to roll them up and publish the themes.

In other news, the Oxford town-centre comics meets are starting up again, and this time they're weekend friendly. Inaugural meeting is on the first Saturday in October, 2pm at the Far from the Madding Crowd. Let me know if you want a Farcebook invite -- or just go over there and invite yourself, why not? The organisers are Amy Letts (has NSFW aspects) and Luke Surl.


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27th Sep, 2010 13:31 (UTC)
Am I a terrible person for thinking that Oi!Kitty* looks awesome in her paintjob?

* Genius name too.
27th Sep, 2010 15:18 (UTC)
we all think so
look at her little face! And the pink really bringd out the yellow in her eyes...
27th Sep, 2010 15:58 (UTC)
Re: we all think so
Mrs Slocombe would be proud.
27th Sep, 2010 19:06 (UTC)
Re: we all think so
She looks so cuddly and plush! I've been resistant to the concept of getting another cat - but a plush-pink-pussy is tipping me over the edge!
27th Sep, 2010 21:53 (UTC)
27th Sep, 2010 13:42 (UTC)
I don't see any explanation yet of how Oi! Kitty! came to be thrown (?) over the drunk guy's garden wall...
27th Sep, 2010 15:16 (UTC)
true, although my cat's more than caoable of throwing herself over walls, especially when other cats are chasing her
30th Sep, 2010 12:47 (UTC)
She merely jumped over a fence, as cats do every day. ‘Hurled’ was an inference made by the panicking would-be animal lovers.
(Deleted comment)
27th Sep, 2010 21:55 (UTC)
I'm just astounded that the cat sat through it. Although placing a heat-pad under anything does wonders for its placidity, I find (myself included)
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