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rhododendron rescue!

On Saturday night I was gripped by a sudden and unusual angst; I wanted my rhododendron. This particular rhody is a venerable beast; I bought it from Marks & Spencers in some sort of three for two situation while I was at the last of the studenty house-shares as a whippety twig hopefully labelled "frilled white". It's not, it's a bog standard rhody with large blousy flowers that range from a garish pink (if it's sulking) to hottest scarlet (if it's well fed and watered), but reversion being what it is, that's always a risk when you buy a variety that isn't in flower. I didn't care, anyway, I like its brightness, when the may rains come down. It came to a rest in the back garden at the old place because its 15-year bulk (admittedly controlled through neglect and under-potting) was starting to look implausible for transport. However, where there's a trug, a folding seat and someone I didn't notice at all holding a camera (hello, damiancugley) there's a way:

Tight Fit

Room for More

Suprvillains Know the Importance of Colour Theming

It's now installed at the new place, and only lost a few branches during the ordeal. No wilt yet, so fingers crossed I got away with it...


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12th Oct, 2010 08:37 (UTC)
As long as the soil is right and they are watered they are unkillable.
12th Oct, 2010 19:30 (UTC)
they probably have a natural lifespan, though
It better be, after all that effort
12th Oct, 2010 09:39 (UTC)
Excellent rescue. May it flourish in its new home.
12th Oct, 2010 10:25 (UTC)
That's a lot of plant to fit in that car! Also, you match your car in these photos :)
12th Oct, 2010 19:31 (UTC)
It's a very very bendy shrub
12th Oct, 2010 12:05 (UTC)
Icon says it all.
12th Oct, 2010 19:31 (UTC)
it was heavy, yes.
12th Oct, 2010 19:34 (UTC)
I do not think that is unusual. Hope it settles in well.
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