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Sometimes toddlers point at me in the street and say things in loud voices. The one I hear most often is, "Mummy, that man's got green hair!" I don't know why green gets the comments -- my hair's at least as likely to be orange, red, black, pink or purple and far more likely to be yellow (very easy) or blue (my favourite!) but green makes the small ones point. I'd like to think I'm inspiring a generation towards a more colourful way of life, but Gap and FCUK and all the other propogators of the way of beige have a much bigger marketing budget, and are therefore cooler than I'll ever be. Crimes against fashion So, anyway, this week I did my strip about that/a conversation I had with one of my (many) lovely colleagues I had when I was working at Oxfam. And abruptly I find that there are a couple of jobs going at Oxfam I might be able to apply for. What's going on? Am I on some sort of predictive kick? Last week I did a strip about mosquitos, just in time to have some relict monster in retreat from winter take up residence in my bathroom and (literally) bite me on the arse (leg, ankle, back). Has the decision to call my next (themed) sequence Spells for better living already taken effect? Hmm. I'd better start writing about more sex and fewer monsters just in case.

[Postscript: the end of the out-of-season mosquito] Finally got the little bugger with the Kybosh yesterday morning (too much stuff in the bathroom to try for swatting) and only noticed when I got back after midnight sometime that despite the fact that its corpse (in the bath) looked partially melted, one leg was still feebly twitching. Ew, nasty. Next time I'll spray and swat.


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7th Nov, 2002 07:52 (UTC)
re: predictive power and sex

Hey, if you're going to cook up that future, put in a good word for your friends, right? :-)

re: mosquitos

I've found the ambush to be particularly useful...especially when those little vampires do not outnumber you. Hold very still, with limited open skin surfaces, keep your attention on ... then when you catch sight of them landing on your flesh ... WHACK!

Granted, this could still lead to an irritation or infection if they've already deployed their probosus, but it still feels good to kill those little bastards. :-)

7th Nov, 2002 10:03 (UTC)
Consider yourself pencilled into my next porn comic.
8th Nov, 2002 05:13 (UTC)
A wonderful strip - the fashion beasties are a hoot.

I love wearing my bright shirts (red, blue, yellow) to our white, cream and beige workplace and see how long it before some wit comes out with, "did you have your sunglasse on when you were getting dressed" or something similar. I would love to reply with a polite, "Fuck OFF!" but I usually saythatt I'm wearing it to give small minded morons with nothing to do something to talk about!
8th Nov, 2002 11:14 (UTC)
I get a lot of "oooh mommy, can I have blue hair?" makes me sooo happy, especially when the mom is too well socialized to refuse within earshot of me, this plants the seen in the kids mind in a way that an immediate no might have killed.

One more of us, one less of them.

I like the comic, I need a scanner so I can get my deranged scribblings online.
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