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I shall make art of it

Reminder one : tenovertwelvers, last week!

London for art and music: Turner Prize is taking its comments as tweets this year. They sold it as "paper saving" but it wasn't like they had a booth or a anything where you could input comments (I think you could ask the terrifying hipster attendant to do the tweet for you, like that's going to happen) so it was just a projection of the usual stuff scrolling by on the wall. In the end, I declined to use the hashtag; I really don't like people appropriating my personal narrative. I miss the artless, vituperative responses of schoolchildren stuck up on the wall. That touch of interactivity, that brief permission to talk back to art. As if in response, the candidates had lowered their game. Two entrants had made no concession to the space at all (particularly wounding in the case of the site-specific sound art). One was paintings. Not my sort of thing, but I think they'd appeal to rich people (fashionably artless drawing style, referencing other works, tidy in their untidiness) which is of course the point of paintings. The remaining one was a collective of artists who appeared to be excavating lost back catalogues of obscure documentaries, unmade films and cultural/media studies in search of bizarre and revealing nuggets of genius. Their room was fully featured, had lots to look at, had a manifesto. It was also full of people. Otilith Group, I chose you!

After that we hopped on the boat to the Tate for a brief visit to the sadness of the sunflower seeds. They need to find a solution of some sort, because it's just plain tragic to watch people poking disconsolately at the edges of the field, when obviously you should be in it.

Then onto the utopian skywalks of the Barbican for a brief detour through the Curve (where a new artwork is being produced in response to the news pretty much daily)en route to Hidden live. These New Puritans aren't exactly a household name, and both they and the support band (newly-hatched hyperdub/electro children Darkstar) looked shocked by how things had turned out. However, the conductor of the Britten Sinfonia is definitely onto something, and once a live foley artist smashing watermelons, massed xylophones and the new London Childrens Choir had been thrown into the mix, it became the most entertaining bit of music theatre I'd seen since Monkey. I've heard rumours that it's going on tour; and it will I think get better with every performance. See it if you can!

Sister's wedding: I dyed my hair antique hydrangea (at the bride's request). I couldn't find a seed box sufficiently glamorous so I repurposed a Paperchase box and filled it with seeds, tools and bits and bobs from various locations (the internet, my seed box, the covered market, the internet again). Date dividers I improvised using regular dividers and some letraset. I did a speech. That was quite unnerving.

Reminder two : Halloween party, this saturday!


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26th Oct, 2010 08:30 (UTC)
We can't make the Halloween party, but are coming down to Oxford on Sunday to pick up Caption stuff (for Thought Bubble) from Jenni.

Shall we drop tenovertwelve CDs off at yours on Sunday?
26th Oct, 2010 09:37 (UTC)
That'd be lovely, be really nice to see you guys too :)
27th Oct, 2010 07:50 (UTC)
Sorry but looks like we're not coming down this weeekend after all :-(

Our toilet is blocked and no amount of fishing around with wire has solved the problem, so my Dad's going to have to take our plumbing to bits on Sunday instead (only day he can do).

In the meantime we're having to stay with the parents, as can't stay in a house with no working loo!

Means I also have to pull out of tenovertwelve as I don't have access to our music collection & I think trying to do a CD using my parent's music collection would turn out very odd!
27th Oct, 2010 07:54 (UTC)
Awww, that's a shame. Here's hoping your loo gets well soon...
27th Oct, 2010 07:55 (UTC)
The biggest size of plunger from B&Q sorted that problem out for me last time it happened....
26th Oct, 2010 12:34 (UTC)
I liked the paintings. and the films. And the free badges.
26th Oct, 2010 18:32 (UTC)
free badges ftw
I still missed the write-in comments tho
28th Oct, 2010 17:47 (UTC)
I won't be able to make it to your party, as I'm otherwise engaged. Have fun!
28th Oct, 2010 21:52 (UTC)
Re: alas
oh bah -- but likewise, have fun with what you're doing xx
29th Oct, 2010 14:09 (UTC)
I've done the CD for this month but I'm not going to have time to sort out the cover/MP3 set until tomorrow at the earliest. But it will be on its way either then or Monday.
30th Oct, 2010 16:18 (UTC)
no problem I'm not expecting them till AFTER halloween
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