Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

elegant predators

I saw the Oxford Cormorant today. Strictly speaking, there are two Oxford Cormorants, a thought which fills me with the delightful thought of the Thames between Folly Bridge and Iffley becoming ground zero for a new species of inland cormorant. But they don't hang out together very much, so perhaps not. Anyway, I caught its astonishing flight, lurching and primitive, as it came in to splash down on the water, bright with reflected autumn leaves, looking like a bird that remembered being a dinosaur recently. Then it dove under the water, with the grace of a seal.

I watched it come up again, empty-beaked and then dive under again, an incredible, liquid movement. This time when it came up, it shot me a dirty look and went back under on a truly epic dive, re-appearing two narrowboats-lengths (and a good two minutes or so) downstream. I took the hint and wandered on.

The tiny ginger cat who had been chilling on the tow-path last Friday was there again, still looking like he wasn't old enough to be out yet, still with big golden eyes. This time, he started trotting along with me towards the road, and I thought it was time to consult his labelling. Hmmm. He's coming across the road from Grandpont, silly thing. I popped him back in the field to chase yellow leaves; he didn't seem hungry or thirsty, or especially distressed; I guess he's still young enough to find the smell of my cats on me comforting rather than annoying.

Check it out! Here's the first tenovertwelver! Thx bloodlossgirl!


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