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beware of the bride

Hahaha! The tenovertwelvers continue to stumble in. Looks like the Halloween theme was the irresistible draw, while "Enter the Cardigan" has yet to see an entry. I have high hopes though! Still a few to come.

In a use-it-before-you-lose-it vein I've been re-aquainting myself with the joys of our central library. Particularly pleased with their respectful and considerate approach to names and titles. They also have a big grey autoteller now where you can scan your own books out! Although that means you don't see the librarian. Difficult choice! I'm currently working through the gardening section, building myself up for a proper part-time course, I guess.

Oh, I shall be at Comiket, part of the Comica Festival, this Sunday (7th November) helping Ellen Lindner on the Whores of Mensa stall. Look us up, if you can.

Got around to putting up the photos from my little sister's wedding. Check out the sister shot below! There are more in the set, some of general interest, including her amazing maker-style wedding boots and a nice shot of her angry fairy tattoo.

many sisters


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7th Nov, 2010 17:05 (UTC)
Gotta say, you have an awesome silver dress!
7th Nov, 2010 23:48 (UTC)
there are shops. in Bath
full! Full of the shiny....
11th Nov, 2010 14:45 (UTC)
The tenovertwelvers continue to stumble in
Mine's staggering drunkenly into the post this afternoon, if that isn't far too late to be of use. And it hasn't even got a song about cardigans on it, I'm afraid, although it's sort of about them anyway.
11th Nov, 2010 18:00 (UTC)
ok, thanks -- looking forward to it
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