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I went to Comiket, and I bought....

Thank you tenovertwelvers! Your compilations are in the post or (oxfordhacker) ready to be furtively handed over in the pub tomorrow. So far I've listened to bloodlossgirl's Terrible Love and I am in awe at what might just be the most disturbingly halloweenish compilation I have ever listened to...

So, yes, Comiket comics. I obviously bought some, and here they are, in all their glory. That newspaper club format is rather nice, isn't it? Although my favourite piece of packaging is Dr Ferrier's cardboard treasury of medical stories. Each one was individually stickered, so I got to choose my colours. Nice attention to detail there. I ran out of money before I got to the minicomic about a monkey visiting IKEA with a hand-cut cover, alas.

minicomic haul

There are notes on the click-through, and I should probably link through to their websites, but I'm quailing a bit at typing out all those urls...

Oh whatevs. I spend all day doing this, anyway

http://www.poweredbyrobots.co.uk http://www.juliascheele.co.uk/
http://www.litleoldman.com http://semioticcohesion.com/


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17th Nov, 2010 01:51 (UTC)
I am in awe at what might just be the most disturbingly halloweenish compilation I have ever listened to...

High praise, indeed! Mission accomplished, then :) (I left out two of the more disturbing tracks, actually, saving those for my larger Halloween comp I put out for my lj-friends, because they were almost but *not quite* on theme)

Also, those are mighty excellent comics links. I love your comics! I also love the way you love comics and making them. If that makes sense. I just always enjoy watching people be really involved and passionate about creativity.
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