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some things

Whores of Mensa 5 got a lovely review from Page 45 -- whose online shop is up and running now, sad Oxfordites who are deprived of comicy goodness. I only have a single page in it because Archie Prufrock and the Party at the End of the World didn't make it to clean script. I don't think there's anything intrinsically impossible about the story but I picked up a paranoia somewhere about writing obnoxious characters which keeps hammering at my attempts to tidy it into pages.

Actually, I have a whole bunch of these (paranoias) going at the moment. Well, that's what the CBT is for, I guess, but I keep prioritising making peace and currying favour working better with colleagues, although that may not be a problem for much longer, of course.

I finally made it to an Alternative Press Fair which is lots of fun; brightly coloured and easy-to-find, zoetrope-making in the bar and tie-dyeing on the stage. Lots of pretty books and mad comics and many wild zines -- crazycrone, I found one of yours in a classic underground comics box! Reviews and more details to follow, in the usual style.

On Christmas Lights night, we went the arty route and viewed a bunch of artistic interventions in the old court rooms in the Town Hall (I was labelled bird-based performance art after I reflexively hooted at a small child in a darkened room) and then joined the first Oxford Unsilent night on an ambient modern classical wassail around the alleyways of Oxford -- which was an absolutely brilliant and whole new way to experience walking in Oxford. We stopped traffic outside the examination schools; got to test the acoustics of cobbles and gargoyles; just outside Corpus Christi we passed the Oxford Ghost Tour; and we ended up at Santa's Grotto, which is in the exercise yard of the old prison this year! There was a half-hour wait for buses on the way home, which we fortunately spent walking home, rather than waiting, for buses.

Bad things, too; two migraines in the last week, one very debilitating (albeit brief) and tinnitus coming and going. The times, I suppose.


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29th Nov, 2010 08:20 (UTC)
AP Fair
Damn, wish I had gone, now. I'd intended to, of course, but let my loudcrowds phobia get the better of me, as per usual...It's nice to imagine I'm a 'classic' anyway. Snerkle.
Commiserations on the migraines, maybe the change to ultra-cold weather?
29th Nov, 2010 08:50 (UTC)
arr, well
It is pretty crowded and noisy, though not as tight as some events I've been to.

Migraines are more likely to be a combination of stress and hormonal changes, tho I expect the freezing cold is not helping...

We'll see. If I get another one today, it'll be pretty clear what the culprit is.
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