Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

such small deer

The ground thawed over the weekend and Harlequin, in a fit of excitement, brought in a worm. Mighty huntress! I ended up out in the garden too, this weekend; roses and shrubs to tuck away, the tops of Nerines to strip back. Scruffy top-growth re-purposed as winter blankets for Canna and Agapanthus. One of the almost-dead treelings had produced tiny flowers, so I'm off again to try and identify it, this time with winter-flowering in the search terms. It's responded quite well to top-dressing with ericacious, so hooray for wild guesses. The miniature rhodedendron I gave it to fluff out its bare bottom didn't die in the cold either (phew) although I'm wondering if it might not be time to branch out into garden fabrics; fleece to keep out the cold, capillary matting for the seedlings, an oily rag for the tools.

The library continues to be a source of frustration and information. "The Winter Garden" lays out an entirely different approach to the cold season, where you don't hide and tidy, but aims to have plants which are enjoyable throughout the year (although a large amount of it seems to involve adjusting your own attitude to see things as dormant rather than dead). Lovely, but produces a "what have you done, exactly?" reaction from the person whose garden it is. "Hamlyn Pruning Basics" is full of very well-drawn diagrams of exactly what to cut and how. Not that you can really go wrong with (say) an established wisteria, but good diagrams seem do fix things that you need to approach in a visual way in the mind far better than either a video (too much information) or words (too little).

I've also heard that there are Lego Christmas cards in Tesco. Not in the one on Cowley Road, there aren't! Maybe Megatescos.

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