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possibly symbolic

I woke up this morning from a dream about being trapped in some sort of basement in a place that combined aspects of many different workplaces. A disaster was bearing down on us and we had to get into a room to sort it out. Except that the door was wide open. There was a gate, but it was hanging open, unsecured with an open padlock. And behind that was a desk blocking the door, but it was easily slid over or moved aside. I handed the padlock to a panicking man. It's fine, I said, we can get in. We got in. Inside the room was dimly lit, white painted. We had to figure out what the guy had done. One of the women was crying and distraught. I suggested to RA that we ask her to decipher the guy's notes, and he agreed and we nipped upstairs to print them out for her. It occurred to me as I woke up that if we could nip upstairs to do some photocopying we probably hadn't been trapped all along.


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16th Dec, 2010 09:53 (UTC)
I dreamed that mr_snips wanted my help in getting to a sort of urban fantasy version of fairyland to rescue a little baby from his abusive foster-parents that he'd escaped from many years ago, who were magic-users and possibly fairies themselves. I think I was wanted as a mother and wet-nurse. Trouble ensued.
16th Dec, 2010 12:59 (UTC)
I dreamed that I needed jinty's help to rescue a baby from a post industrial Faerie that England had split into various competing versions (the Fascist one, the Communist one, the one ruled by a Secret Society of Transport Enthusiasts etc etc) which were all involved in a Second Civil War, never to be reunited until the Concrete Cows of Milton Keynes were returned to their rightful home.

Possibly I should stop eating rhubarb in the evenings.

16th Dec, 2010 16:30 (UTC)
Write the novel. The competing factions sound a bit like the film The President's Analyst.
Charlie has done concrete cows and, as you know, so did I in my unfinished / unpublish(ed|able) novel.
16th Dec, 2010 18:27 (UTC)
That actually sounds a lot like the plot of Ken McLeod's "The Star Fraction".
16th Dec, 2010 20:01 (UTC)
As I recall the dream all the different Englands were separate islands in the sea (i.e. variant copies of the original with Wales and Scotland lopped off) rather than lots of little states within a single UK (as Wikipedia implies is the case in The Star Fraction). So more of a War Between The Englands than a Second Civil War, I guess.

Regardless, the dream was a whole lot less disturbing than the one which conflated Stephen King's It with Edith Nesbit's Five Children and It :-)

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