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snow and all that

So, snow. It's quite deep for Oxford, maybe seven or eight inches. But I was too busy to build on Saturday (Christmas shopping in soggy shops, an exciting journey to Sainsburys (passing many a mini-cab with spinning wheels and three inches of snow falling while we were deciding between different broccolis), catching angry and somewhat slidey buses into town) and the snow turned to non-adhering powder overnight (not even firm enough for a snow-ball). So, tragically, my plans for a snow triceratops were dashed. Wrong snow.

However, this does not daunt the artistes of East Oxford. I present: snow car art:

car snow art

That one's quite highbrow (although the rear of the car had been signed "my bitch") but if you click on through you'll see that classic themes like enormous cocks have not been neglected. Also some pictures of my kitten flouncing around the garden, if you like that sort of thing.

Oh, and one more thing! Foiled in our dinosaur plans, we had to resort to backgarden revelry. Your very good health:

your good health!

Recipe: Pound crushed clove buds, cardamom and mustard seeds in a pestle and soak with a wedge of orange in a little gin. Set six frozen cranberries and a dried fig to soak in a little boiling water. Mix a very sweet martini, add a short measure of vodka and a long measure of orange. Add in the liquor from the figs and cranberries, shake and strain into two glasses. Garnish with the fruit on cocktail sticks and as much ice as you can bear.

On the way home last night (a long walk, buses having long since given up) we were walking behind two hoodie boys. One darted suddenly into a front garden, and after a brief pause, re-emerged, shaking snow from his back.

He'd left a snow angel in a stranger's front garden.


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20th Dec, 2010 15:07 (UTC)
I'd not thought of crash-victim snow-angels on cars, neat :)
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