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My cat just caught a FLYING INSECT which suggests to me that this muddy isle has successfully emerged from the Christmas deep freeze. Hopefully the humans are also emerging, tinselled and flushed, from the dread hibernaculum of Saturnalia, and entering the year's end frenzy of parties and good intentions to the gentle accompaniment of slowly unclogging arteries and the crackling protests of a body now fully acclimatised to life on the sofa.

Still on holiday? Excellent. TENOVERTWELVERS, this is your ten day warning. Compilations are due by January 8th 2010, though if you want to get it over and done with before the year is out, please go ahead (thanks bloodlossgirl! I have received your digital package).

Themes are as follows:

1. In the Snow Queen's Palace
tinselled ivy

2. Carving the bird
a broken wing

3. Save me from Christmas
the christmas crocodile fairy

4. (the runaway winner) Ticky (you'll need to supply your own photo)

There are more themes to choose from, links to handy things like my address and the rules and so on and so forth, here.


( 2 worms — Feed the birds )
30th Dec, 2010 11:32 (UTC)
Question (which I've been meaning to ask for some months): what does "ticky" actually mean? I am baffled.
30th Dec, 2010 11:38 (UTC)
you see it at the end of a lot of lj polls as a joke option -- but as to its actual meaning, well, maybe --

I liked this poll but I have nothing useful to contribute
I am not done ticking boxes yet
I wish to make a comment with no content

-- maybe? I should probably do a poll on it to find out...
( 2 worms — Feed the birds )