Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

time for new year's resolutions!

OK, the hangover has (mostly) receded, I've watched the first of Primeval's two-part season starter (Spinosaur startled by S Club hits and disco lights!) and have spent much of the afternoon curled up with the cats on the bed reading old copies of New Scientist. I've cleared the Christmas tat out of the studio, reordered my sketch and note pads, and resupported my drooping Paperwhites with a twist of my neighbour's wiggly willow. I've received my first marketing twitter of the year (from someone selling instructional balloon animal making videos, which is at least impressively specific) and seen my first creme egg advert.

Time to reconnect by checking my resolutions:

In 2011, cleanskies resolves to...
Ask my boss for a transhumanism.
Get back in contact with some old sequins.
Be nicer to nicecupoftea.
Tell my family about lost things.
Give some dirty stories to charity.
Buy new charity shops.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

That looks, er, incredibly unwise. Although...

Well, I'll make some for this year, tomorrow, maybe. For now, how did I do last year?

1. Food: make sandwiches, budget my week, decrease caloric intake
No, yes, probably not. I've not put on any unexpected weight though, so that's OK.

2. Fitness: daily stretches, daily walk, identify an aerobic exercise, identify an upper body exercise
No, yes -- and walking has become sufficiently important and fast that it often is an aerobic exercise, which is just as well as unless you count gardening and DIY, no other exercise occurred.

3. Self-improvement: some structured learning, some new experiences, talk back to bad emotional habits, daily esteem exercises
I went back on Moodgym, did a frustratingly lame course, some odds and sods (including delivering a course myself) and generally pushed this up the priority list, but I still feel like I'm chipping and flailing. Some of what I did went into a piece of NHS research on online mood training programmes, so generally a win, I'd say..

4. Home: Workplan for entire house completed and tangible progress made, especially in relation to damp, bedroom, front garden, rainwater goods
Workplan! I was obsessed with workplans this time last year. We didn't make a workplan, but we made lots of progress, including plenty of work on all four priorities I mentioned above. Also, double glazing! I'm still pleased by that on a regular basis.

5. Money: Budgeting, saving and some form of increase in earning
Yes, yes and yes. This year looks like being more challenging again on this front.

6. Friends and Family: Map my social network and establish reliable communication lines
Never did get around to this. Just got used to a social round of drifting out of touch with people and then suddenly looking them up when it occurred to me; a great way to lose track of people, unfortunately.

7. Indulgence: Create a personal pleasure map, enjoy free fun, do a small number of incredibly indulgent things
Didn't do the pleasure map, though I still think it's an interesting idea. Plenty of fun and indulgence. Oddly, some things I initially thought were indulgences (a swanky lap-top table, a clothes stand) turned out to be useful and used on a daily basis. Perhaps I need to adjust how I value things.

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