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stuffed marrow for dinner

Walking past the huge and very serious intimidating modernist slab that is University Boat House this morning, a flicker of movement and sound caught my attention. The vast glass atrium in the middle was full of rowers pumping their rowing machines, to pounding disco. It was like glancing sideways into a Lady Gaga video.

The lovely timscience just made me stuffed marrow. It was excellent. The cats lined up for the leftovers, absent-mindedly chewing each other from time to time. They're getting on better nowadays, but seem to have picked up this odd habit of giving the other's armpit/chest a sneaky play-bite when they think they're getting inadequate respec' or want to be annoying. It does look rather bizarre.

There were seventeen magpies in the meadow this morning. I really should learn the extension rhyme to cope with moments like that. And while I was failing to see whether something actually was a Jay (it might have been another corvid caught in a shaft of morning sunlight and shot into a hedge too fast to be sure) a Merlin flew over my head.

I was tooted out of the way by the coal-man delivering to the blue house with no road access. He had to carry the sack over the bridges (too narrow for his van). Should've brought the sack-truck.


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5th Jan, 2011 22:39 (UTC)
Our cats like to bite one another's tails when using the cat flap. Horus, who has the longest tail, is the one most often caught by this, and he always looks surprised.
6th Jan, 2011 09:58 (UTC)
Harley prefers to go straight for the more risky and dramatic bite-on-the-bum, but once again it's the cat with the longer tail who gets bitten more (or possibly makes the more fuss)
( 2 worms — Feed the birds )