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glamorous cocktail cabinet

So; new year, and the onslaught on the kitchen commences. Evidence so far suggests that we will be working mainly in brushed steel (or stuff that looks like brushed steel), pale wood and rich, blazing RED. I'm in minds about the floor, though. Lino that looks like concrete? Re-skim and seal? Hard-wearing vinyl tiles? I also bought myself a propagator shelf, which I'm unreasonably excited about (even though it's not up yet) and a bookend in the shape of a capital B. These are available in small and large, black and white, and are an IKEA Billy special item and may not be available for long, for people who like such things. We went to IKEA Bristol which went better than last time (when we got a puncture in the warehouse car-park) but was still bloody annoying -- you'll notice a missing red door in the picture below, which was definitely in stock and they had loads of... something else stacked on the shelf where it should have been *teethgrind*. It was crowded, too, and had NO sandwiches; and IKEA rage was much in evidence. Here's what we made of the kitchen, anyway; Click on through for the annotated version (and some pictures of damiancugley trying on glasses, if you go back a few shots...

kitchen improvements

Oh, is anyone in Oxford planning an IKEA trip any time soon? As you can see above, they were missing a door we needed...

recipe : venison cooked with dates and orange

Heat some oil in a pan with sumac and schwarma spice mix until very hot. Open out the venison and sear the outside quickly until it colours and is well coated. Remove quickly from the heat and spread the inside with the juice, pulp and zest of half an orange mixed with chopped dates, capers and chopped fresh coriander leaf. Roll quite tightly, top with bacon and wrap in foil. Surround with Chanteray carrots, large garlic cloves and chopped hunters sausage and bang in the oven hot for 15 minutes, cool for a further 40 and then whip off the foil and crisp up the bacon for the last five. Serve with roast parsnip and green veg (I did spinach and courgettes, with mushroom and flaked almond).


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10th Jan, 2011 00:37 (UTC)
I'm actually not so far from an Ikea, so if you're suffering withdrawal symptoms when you visit we could pop in to investigate. Might be a bit dangerous if you get seduced into buying anything bulky though, but then again, no greater a distance to drive than Bristol.
10th Jan, 2011 08:02 (UTC)
Good point. We literally only need the missing cabinet door, so a quick swoop on the way back from (or to) yours might do the trick
10th Jan, 2011 11:38 (UTC)
Floor opinions
If you go for lino you should get the floor levelled before installation - the installer will do this but of course you have to clear everything out of the kitchen for this so still a faff. My kitchen floor wasn't too expensive I thought - I can recommend Classic Flooring from Horspath - and it wears well. It's also more Eco-friendly than concrete and probably more so than vinyl; certainly it's warmer on the feet than concrete or tiles, though vinyl might have the edge there.
10th Jan, 2011 12:57 (UTC)
We're thinking of calling in on the MK one on Saturday...
10th Jan, 2011 18:40 (UTC)
oooh, well, if you are going
and they have these in stock, could you pick me up one?


BESTA red door 60x38 - 80103565

The package is pretty small and shouldn't be too much of a bother

Stock prognosis is good so far and it's aisle 21 loc 15


Edited at 2011-01-10 19:32 (UTC)
11th Jan, 2011 09:36 (UTC)
Re: oooh, well, if you are going
No problem!
14th Jan, 2011 13:35 (UTC)
I has door!
I had some time to kill yesterday so nipped in and got it. Sunday afternoon is probably the best time for us to drop it off - will that suit?
14th Jan, 2011 19:10 (UTC)
Re: I has door!
Yes, that's perfect -- thank you very much!
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