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cocktail lessons (absinthe makes the party shorter)

  • Look out a dozen likely cocktails first because cocktail books aren't designed to be easy to find anything in.
  • Cocktails involving soda or some sort of mixer should be given precedence, to avoid early and/or excessive drunkenness.
  • Chop up a load of fruit and put out a big bowl of ice. That way you can half-fill your glass without feeling like a wimp.
  • Cocktail sticks! Cocktail umbrellas! Drink caddies! Swizzlers! (Indoor) sparklers!
  • Spread the snacks more widely. Perhaps a hostess trolley?
  • Cherry brandy = evil.
  • Start games early, or not at all.
  • Never arrange to give something back to someone at a cocktail party.
  • Lay off the f***ing absinthe, however nice it seems at the time. Also the Sambuco, overproof rum, chemical alcohol, Stroh and other instant doom style drinks (includes Zombies and Long Island Iced Tea).
  • Buy lemons in advance.

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