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ticky ticky ticky

I can't remember what I've been doing today. It's been one of those days. At 6.45pm I just had to turn my back on it and declare the day done, or as done as it was going to get. There were merganser on the river this morning. Yesterday I walked past a rather understated fisherman (just him and a short rod, none of these pyramids of boxes seats tents and tupperware boxes full of multicoloured mealworms) right as he landed a fish big enough to call dinner. I think he was going to do that, too. Maybe we'll all end up out there when the Big Society really starts to get its shape on.

motodraconis, I needed one extra element for your package. But it will be with you shortly ;) P.S. Thanks for a lovely weekend, full of princesses.

Today's soundtrack was supplied by girlycomic, who had thrown herself at what is surely the ultimate tenovertwelve theme, ticky, envisioned as a big happy splurge of all the songs that had perfectly ticked her box this year. It's a good listen, as you can surely imagine, head nodding and foot-stamping stuff. Some serious highlights for me were Grinderman's Palaces of Montezeuma, Even a Palm tree by Paul Heaton and Belinda by Ben Folds & Nick Hornby, despite none of them really being my usual kind of thing, which is of course the point of tenovertwelve! I was also so pleased to see Divine Comedy's At the Indie Disco in the mix; I've regretfully excluded it myself this year and it deserves inclusion, even though it's way past flirting with cliché, is more really dragging cliché off for a romantic weekend in Paris in a shower of chocolates and frillie undies. And the theme from misfits, ta for that. It also delivers the unexpected; go under the cut for the full tracklist and The Toadlickers, a terrifying construction of banjos, muppets and line dancing from .... WTF, Thomas Dolby?????

Other things that are great right now: Paul Di Philippo's Lost Pages, Johnny Wander, Darwin Feast planning, bulbs coming up, my kitten.


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26th Jan, 2011 21:43 (UTC)
I've lost track of how many people I know that like Grinderman, and the number of times people have suggested that I might like them too, and I really just don't. I mean, listening to the track you've linked to there, my first thought is, well, I don't really like Bruce Springsteen, so what am I doing listening to him on an off day with some shuffly backing band thing going on?

But that all sounds terribly negative and on the basis of how many other tracks there are on there which I know I like (The Rapture, Scroobius Pip, Paolo Nutini) then I'll be glad to hear some more from this comp.
26th Jan, 2011 22:05 (UTC)
The music isn't what that track is for me -- it's the big stupid lyrics. Think I was having a bit of a big stupid lyrics day, really.

I'm going to have fun talking through yours (day after next, I think) Noes, dangers of spoilers! Except that I have a very cunning plan....
27th Jan, 2011 14:47 (UTC)
I was catching bits of the lyrics and approving, I could see that was probably where the fun was, but big stupid lyrics over good music is better and that's basically why I like Clutch so much.

Oo, and having received this very comp with others in the post today, I can listen to it other than digitally. Nice.
26th Jan, 2011 22:47 (UTC)
I was going to say you should see the Toadlickers video, but obviously you have!

I particularly enjoyed putting that compilation together.
26th Jan, 2011 23:04 (UTC)
Just now in fact and I am ... gulp. It's all a bit Preacher meets Avenue Q...
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