Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

I want money, that's what I want

What a curious time in my life this is. I'm up and down, some days ending in crashing doom, others in weird delight. Today is a delight day. Stubborn, chunky shoots are wiggling up in the garden. My sweet peas, etiolated by the winter gloom, are beginning to unfurl fragile leaves. There is the softest flush of pink on the willows. That was not a snowflake that fell on me today; it came from a bird. It was lucky. Also tonight's offering from kitten was humorous rather than horrid -- a speck of moss! Way better than worm jerky.

Today was the turn of Christmas and its aftermath, from bibliogirl. A narrative piece, stepping its way from the drip-drip trickle of money pouring out of your bank account in the run-up to Christmas (here represented by the heartless electro of the Pet Shop Boys, Flying Lizards, Annie Lennox) through the rocky overstuffed weirdness of Christmas itself with its highlights (I'm always touched by your) Presence Dear by Blondie, glorious moments (Victory by Bond) and sheer total freakiness (thank you, the Goodies) to the blissed out food coma of Christmas evening and finally to I Feel Free by the Foo Fighters. Gruelling yet uplifting, like Christmas itself. Go under the cut for the full track list and a blast from the past -- the wacky video to ZZ Top's TV Dinners

In other news, M&S eat in for £10 is back on! I just ate my fat and salt allowance for the week. Saving the wine for the weekend, though.

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