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The river was seething with cormorants this morning. They've definitely moved in. I don't think it's just that I started watching them; I really think that they are new this year. I did the big garden birdwatch at the weekend (sat on the upstairs windowsill, confusing the cats) and an hour of focussed attention got me a count of 31; mostly it was starlings, but still, I was pleased. That's good going for such a densely populated area, such small gardens.

Monday had a more fragmented commute, so I had to spread timscience's Midnight at the Winter Palace over two days. Both those days, I found myself murmuring Crystal Castle's cover of Platinum Blonde's Not in Love (feat. Robert Smith) to myself over and over on the stairs and in odd moments at work. Have a download link and listen to it yourself. Just beautiful. The rest of the mix is the same; crystal deep freeze tunes from a cold and sinister season. Go under the cut for the full track list and the astonishing video to White Ring's IxC999.


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2nd Feb, 2011 00:58 (UTC)
I just listened to this mix in the last day (package arrived, thanks!) and it was WONDERFUL.
2nd Feb, 2011 08:10 (UTC)
oh yes, thought you might like that one :)

Edited at 2011-02-02 08:35 (UTC)
2nd Feb, 2011 12:43 (UTC)
You thought correctly :)
2nd Feb, 2011 12:31 (UTC)
This mix is now playing in my car for my commute, put it on today. I have to let it seep in for at least a week while I drive before I can make any verdict though, as I am the slowest person in the world for processing new music.
2nd Feb, 2011 23:29 (UTC)
Sorry about the lack of tracklists, I had a printing problem. Should all be up on my journal now tho...
2nd Feb, 2011 23:34 (UTC)
I'm not bothered by that, though the chap has a useful app on his iPhone that'll identify music - it's come in handy on car journeys. "I love this song - no idea who it is!"
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