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all together

I'm wondering about a visit to Sexual Nature during half term. It sounds like the sort of thing I'd like, but the advert is kind of... offputting...

Speaking of sex, one thing that's really annoying me about the fall-out from those Sky presenters being dicks and getting fired (probably in some sort of blatant attempt to distract us from the current government's fallings) is every single presenter in the world going on chummily about how they would never do such a thing in a tone that implies that what they actually mean is either the exact opposite, or that they would never be caught doing it. Being a "good sort" or possibly a "good sport" I'm supposed to "get the joke" and "laugh along". Unfortunately all it really communicates is that the presenters are pretty sure no women of note are watching, largely because they don't believe that such things exist, and whilst I certainly get that joke I am not going to laugh along. Sorry. No, not sorry.

The workshop went pretty well yesterday. At the end of it, all the kids came up to me and asked where I got my clothes. Got props for wearing an obscure One Piece t-shirt. Think I maybe look like their mental picture of a cartoonist?

So, onto the second last of the compilations -- shermarama's christmas quiz. First of all, an enormous apology. I thought I had successfully obscured the track titles, but I'd only got rid of half of them. A cute joke has been turned into an annoying clean-up job, curses. Fortunately, the CD itself has more than its fair share of delights such as ******* *** *** **** and **** and ***'* *** **** ** **** by *** ***** ******. There were, however, also some frights -- including a particular horror of mine which instantly sends me back to beeing six and dancing around a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge maypole in one of the disturbing villages of my childhood. Can you guess what it was? Thank you, The Floral Dance; and here's the full list.


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4th Feb, 2011 06:14 (UTC)
The problem with the sexual nature thing is the mental images the blurb has given me - Facinating Museum specimens.... Must remember that museum specimens != the curatorial staff of the palaeontology dept. there, made only slightly worse by the certain knowledge that they are often up to it with each other in the parties in the museum galleries every so often. EWWWWWW.

The memories of being offered an evening of passion with someone that needed a really good ironing (and a bath) on the Diplodiocus still haunt me.

4th Feb, 2011 08:38 (UTC)
I'll take the Diplodocus -- you, no
This is EXACTLY the problem with it. I suspect there may be more moments to ewwwwwwww than ooooooh
4th Feb, 2011 09:52 (UTC)
The orang-utan is holding... a rather splintery-looking bit of wood... *brain bleach*
4th Feb, 2011 10:03 (UTC)
In happier times, anyway, I'm slightly too young, being born in '76, for the Floral Dance to mean much to me and no vivid memory stimulation was intended. Although, er, the one with the claymation video instantly puts me in the back of my Dad's car on the M58 and the one that did it twice sees me on the school bus going through Ormskirk.
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