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Westfield shopping centre

At Westfield Shopping Centre I stood in the glass blade that looks down over the A3220; a sharp corner of a department store, and clearly a merchandising headache; vast gaps had opened up between units of trendy homeware, and half-hearted barriers cut me off from the absolute glass cliff-edge. I felt like a trespasser; like someone would send me back from the corner; like I would be challenged for my lack of commercial activity. I pretended interest in witty plate sets and trendy mugs, when all I wanted to do was look down at the people, traffic, roads.

It was the sensible way to get from a (busstop) to b (workshop) but nevertheless even stepping within its glassy walls felt weird; transgressive. My accidental wander saw me reject various eateries (in such a location even a pret feels impossibly luxe), accidentally stray through the luxury "village" past professional blondes propping up the noonday champagne bar, be spat into the back of a clothes shop by a rule-breaking elevator, and take a rest on one of the luxury leather sofas they have in lieu of benches. Mad and wrong.

I only took one photograph, but that was altogether representative. Not this one; this is from visiting Sophie (with princesses).

andean scene


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5th Feb, 2011 18:09 (UTC)
challenged for my lack of commercial activity

That strikes a chord. I've been in there once while killing time and the sheer onslaught of consumerism put me in a sort of punch-drunk daze. I wandered and wandered for ages, expecting to come across an exit and not finding any. Eventually I got a £4 vest from New Look and immediately happened on the exit. I can only conclude that you have to appease the shopping gods in some way before they'll let you go.
7th Feb, 2011 20:13 (UTC)
I escaped by heading into the luxury village, at which point I was spat back out by the beast
7th Feb, 2011 10:26 (UTC)
Westfield at Shepherd's Bush? I seem to be there rather a lot these days.

What on earth is that knitted bird pecking?
7th Feb, 2011 20:12 (UTC)
the very one. That's a condor and an alpaca -- knitted south american glove puppets
8th Feb, 2011 07:57 (UTC)
finger puppets
I'm glad you've cleared that up...
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