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flu and chips

Flattened by flu this week. The career development workshop became increasingly difficult to cope with (although I did support someone else on the course to discover that she wanted to re-train as a primary school teacher, so, score!) but the walk home (slightly complicated by visits to Lidl and Megatescos) became increasingly troubling. Locking into walk and thinking hard about something else got me home but Tuesday evening found me lying in bed drifting in and out of disturbing dreams in a state of some frailty. Many thanks to timscience for bringing me that universal panacea, scampi and chips. Until the new universal flu vaccine comes online, that and Boots MaxStrength will remain my cold cure of choice.

Wednesday was a meeting book-end day, so I struggled in for the morning meeting, seeping snot, losing focus and blinking too much. After that I conceded defeat and went home to collapse, though not before thinking that if there was still a sleeping room at Minas Morgul I'd be able to put my head down for a few hours and get up in time for the evening meeting... no. Madness. That way. Also I was running a veritable tsunami of snot by that stage and nobody wants to see that during a presentation.

Today I seem to be back to a woozy head, impaired judgement and a persistent ringing in my ears, so I'm going to declare myself better and head back to the pile of delayed work and increasingly important meetings.

But! One more thing! I did of course forget my own tenovertwelve. I have a very equivocal relationship with Christmas and see it as something of a complex maze to be negotiated; as much dark shadows of plunging gloom as twinkly fairy lights. Christmas with Jack and Auntie B is my stab at a Christmas where you get stuck in one of those shadows, wrapped up in five sweaters but somehow unwilling to turn the heating on, trying to keep your mince pie/whisky level even enough that you don't start screaming at the television... it probably didn't make for the most comfortable listening but at least the songs are intrinsically beautiful.


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10th Feb, 2011 10:10 (UTC)
Feel better soon.
10th Feb, 2011 21:29 (UTC)
I am improved!
10th Feb, 2011 10:12 (UTC)
I'm also sick with the flu. I blame my boss for bringing it in to our office. Fortunately I can afford to take a couple of days off. Which I have spent sleeping and it seems to have worked.
10th Feb, 2011 21:28 (UTC)
odd, the sleeping, I seem to be doing it in two hour bursts at the mo' I don't feel impossibly knackered so I guess the brain has it covered
11th Feb, 2011 09:19 (UTC)
Me too with the two hour thing. I was putting it down to be woken up by sore throat or congestion but maybe there is some other effect. Back at work today and feeling generally wrung out but functional.
10th Feb, 2011 10:40 (UTC)

You better now? I hope so, looking forward to Darwin-feast! xx
10th Feb, 2011 10:43 (UTC)
Sorry to hear about the flu and I hope you feel better soon.
10th Feb, 2011 21:27 (UTC)
I may have flu but I aslo have magic gold paper which makes monday officially best clothes swap ever
10th Feb, 2011 10:46 (UTC)
SCAMPI IS THE FOOD OF THE GODS. Hope you feel better soon - in time for the wondrous banquet on Saturday - looking forward! xx
10th Feb, 2011 21:24 (UTC)
I am improving! And plans are afoot for this weekend
10th Feb, 2011 13:28 (UTC)
Wishing you clear passages and blissful driplessness. I expect the scampi goodness has already started its healing mojo.
10th Feb, 2011 21:23 (UTC)
that's an excellent owl
(Deleted comment)
10th Feb, 2011 21:26 (UTC)
I made jalfrezi, that cleared out my he!ad
10th Feb, 2011 19:56 (UTC)
Get well!
10th Feb, 2011 21:25 (UTC)
much better although the lungs seem a bit lacking
10th Feb, 2011 20:57 (UTC)
Damn you for putting scampi and chips in my head. I ended up having it for lunch.

Get well soon.
10th Feb, 2011 21:24 (UTC)
Je ne regrette rien
21st Feb, 2011 00:58 (UTC)
I just put this mix on in my car, and I've been REALLY REALLY enjoying it! Also, I think I shall have to put Christina Aguilera's "Glam" on a water aerobics mix - the notorious mix I have in the works that will also contain RuPaul's "SuperModel".

I relish watching elderly West Virginian ladies work out to RuPaul. I also relish catching them singing along to Kylie Minogue (referred to by one of my students as "That HotPants Lady") or Lady Gaga.
21st Feb, 2011 09:18 (UTC)
work that thing
Bionic has some absolute corkers on it (though there's a terrifying run of ballads in the last third). Woohoo would be one for the aerobic class, eh, maybe...
21st Feb, 2011 12:49 (UTC)
you better WORK
I'll definitely check it out, thanks for the tip :)
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