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I use my brain and eat it

Great news! damiancugley photographed the brain jelly :D, my galaxy dress (I'm still trying to ID the galaxy, in case anyone can help?) and a few of the other courses of the Darwin Feast. Here's the set. I took three photos! Two of which were just of the scrolls in progress. Rubbish! But I was quite busy. Never mind. Let me talk you through the brain. The jelly is lime and orange, there are candied letters floating inside, and the scrolls are rice paper written on with artificial cochineal. The flower lights are water resistant and run off a couple of walkman batteries apiece and are therefore safe for providing a garnish or flourish under most circumstances.

Brains! And Yoghurt


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14th Feb, 2011 21:32 (UTC)
Wow! Fantastic amazing thing! V. v. good Damian for having recorded it.
14th Feb, 2011 23:00 (UTC)
OMG. This was so good!
15th Feb, 2011 10:31 (UTC)

You look fantastic in that awesome dress. Indeed, the whole event sounds awesome and given the subject matter, for once the word "awesome" is totally correct in every sense :)

Just, wow :)
20th Feb, 2011 19:11 (UTC)
i thought this was great when i saw it the other day, and i've just come back to take a closer look, and to comment to that effect :)
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