Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

prime time drama dreams and luxury leftovers

I have been dining all week from the remnants of the Darwin Feast. Pheasant and Pomegranate on Fennel tonight (alliterative!), lumpfish roe on cheesy biscuits yesterday, leek and guineafowl pie on Monday ... reminds me of working in hotel kitchens, all gourmet snacks and damaged hands (you seldom get through a proper big meal without slicing up something).

Been following Outcasts on the telly; liking the classic frontier planet vibe, simple traditional SF, like a C L Moore story or Tiptree in a traditionalist mood. High body count and buckets of human struggle, plenty to fight in just the weather and ourselves. For some reason they're showing it at a punishing schedule of two episodes a week, so between that and Being Human I'm suffering drama overdose at the moment.

Perhaps that's why the day before yesterday we both woke up from dazzling prime-time dreams. I was in a pleasantly complicated and high budget Dr Who special, which included a high speed car-chase through central Oxford in a phasing Zonda (we drove *through* pedestrians, it was mental), aliens from a different reality trying to retrofit our laws of physics so that they could exist, a helicopter tour of significant buildings in the historical conflict between religion and science, and whispering disappeared people trapped in a papered-over wardrobe. Current Doctor, in case you're wondering. Tim was in a historical drama playing a wild swashbuckling adventurer who had faked up all his adventures with the help of a mysterious double who was somehow bound to do his bidding, a tragic figure who murdered and silenced any who threatened his master's secrets, wealth, social standing, peace of mind, etc. He was celebrity with a dark heart and from the low-life coffee shop where he drank and bargained amid thieves and murderers he was planning the seduction and ruination of a beautiful, good woman who ran the rival coffee shop.

Neither of us know how our dramas ended, as our alarms went off, but I've been practising remembering dreams forward and I think that the Doctor wasn't altogether unsympathetic to the aliens' plight (they were, after all, refugees from their own unravelling reality) and some solution using the tiny dimensions that exist all around us was eventually fixed upon.

Possibly involving a short cameo by Professor Brian Cox.

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