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reality is the Onion now

This morning saw the arrival of an astonishingly offensive survey from Yougov. After being roughly sorted into my political and socio-economic position, I was then asked if I thought young people were feckless, work-shy layabouts who were too lazy to get out and find a job, whether teachers were incompetent jobsworths who lacked the wherewithal to educate children in the most basic skills, and whether nurses were lazy whingers who just didn't care any more, especially when it came to older people. It was like being backed into the corner by a Tory fifteen-year-old armed with a copy of The Daily Mail and the unbudgeable opinion that they KNOW IT ALL.

Although that is a feeling I'm getting quite used to.

I was moved to complain about the language they used to describe young people (the adults were afforded more respect) as they seemed to feel that they could say pretty much anything they wanted if they said "Jamie Oliver said" first (which did nothing to dispel the impression that I was being shouted out by a Tory Tween). As it turns out, Jamie Oliver had been saying these things -- presumably in an attempt to whip up some controversy around his latest Channel 4 shock show -- how did that channel go from being The Independent to The Daily Mail?

This is the one about hero teachers random celebrities setting up Free Schools and saving the education system by dissecting pigs; even the Telegraph's Harry Wallop is unable to repress weary cynicism in the face of Oliver's (presumably feigned) bewilderment at the fact that a bunch of children selected to be in a reality TV show acted like -- well, like reality TV participants.

Oliver himself, apparently, is seriously considering setting up his own free school. "I wouldn't be surprised if I don't do something in the next five years, for sure." he said.

Just to re-iterate, this is reality.


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19th Feb, 2011 03:47 (UTC)
Followed that link on the Torygraph and got sucked into a thread about Oxford & Cambridge looking to stop giving MA status after 21 terms, aiiie. (I agree there is no good argument to continue doing this but as usual the bunfight has immediately descended into unpleasant slanging.)

Mumsnet had a thread about the Jamie Oliver words o' wisdom so I'd already seen them. His shock show involves Big Society -esque replacement of teachers by celebrities with a picked group of schoolchildren - yeah, like that's not going to descend into farce or anything. Oh wait, it's already both tragedy and farce, how did that happen.
19th Feb, 2011 09:08 (UTC)
people can also be negatively useful
I'd like to think his role at this particular moment of time may be to show that it's a stupid idea that's not going to work, so the more flamboyantly stupid the whole thing gets the better, as far as I'm concerned

If there's a side-role emerging in looking at the problems in the chef/kitchen working environment, so much the better
19th Feb, 2011 08:33 (UTC)
Some of the comments on that article are mind boggling.
19th Feb, 2011 09:10 (UTC)
true, but there were also (!!!) some I was pleased to see. I quite liked the ones slagging him off for overworking his staff and calling for an investigation into employment practice at his restaurants, e.g.
19th Feb, 2011 09:10 (UTC)
hee hee

Edited at 2011-02-19 09:11 (UTC)
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