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Happy International Womens Day

My Tumblr contact stream seem to have celebrated by posting a lot of sexist drivel and naked women being tortured (yes, artily, but really, also -- f**k off) so any suggestions of interesting new Tumblrs that won't make me feel constantly queasy gratefully received, as I'm probably going to have to cull off a few (one regretfully).

It is a kind of wretched statement that the best things I've seen today are a bunch of photos of trafficked women, but seriously, these are great -- imaginative, transforming, powerful, empowering. Well worth a look.

I also read my world book night book -- the Dog in the Nighttime, that I never got around to reading when it was first famous. Niiiiiiiiice. I particularly like the way that all the female characters all have their lives wrecked but it doesn't really matter, because hey -- they're kind of stupid. They can't even spell very well or do maths or anything. Still, one can see why it Did Well. It's kind of like The Wasp Factory for disaffected preteens whom Nobody Understands. And isn't everyone, at heart, just a disaffected pre-teen than nobody understands? But it is a very quick read, so never mind.

That on top of Kraken, which ticks the boxes. Kind of a gateway drug, though. Any minute now I'll be mainlining whatever the Great New Overwhelming Book Series is (what is it, by the way? I'm way out of touch).

I also read about murdering prostitutes and oh, some other stuff. I was going to read the Guardian's 100 Women to inspire, then I spotted Thatcher on the cover and thought better of it. Why bust those blood vessels?

Wow, the cats have just started having the cutest fight ever. Must. Invigilate.


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9th Mar, 2011 02:11 (UTC)
I only read one tumblog, and hey, it's my best friend in the states, but you might like it.

9th Mar, 2011 07:14 (UTC)
thx, that'll do nicely :)
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9th Mar, 2011 07:54 (UTC)
9th Mar, 2011 07:26 (UTC)
Someone on my f-list posted this link re: International Womens Day.

Not a Tumblr, but made me laugh.
9th Mar, 2011 07:59 (UTC)
ha ha

loved the commenter quoting Angel to show his sensitivity
9th Mar, 2011 07:47 (UTC)
Not pictures, but I'm finding this useful. http://microaggressions.tumblr.com/

I don't have a tumbler account yet, but am planning to.
9th Mar, 2011 08:05 (UTC)
nice, my follows are mostly arts and visual types, think I need a bit of balance
9th Mar, 2011 08:07 (UTC)
Might at least be an antidote to some of the misogyny I guess.
9th Mar, 2011 11:25 (UTC)
Ah, I thought The Badger In The Nighttime was a nasty little book too.

Kraken is definitely an everything including the kitchen sink book, probably his best so far.

Have you read The City And The City And The Badger? I came across someone complaining about the cultural appropriation, but bizarrely from the perspective of the Eastern European type of the 2 cities rather than the 'is it Muslim? is it Persian? I am keeping it very vague deliberately one'.
On some level I could see the point but on the other I felt that maybe they should keep away from this nasty fiction stuff altogether.

Edited at 2011-03-09 11:26 (UTC)
10th Mar, 2011 08:42 (UTC)
Yes, and I really quite enjoyed it. I presumed it was based (at least in parts) on an actual city (reminded me of Pančevo, a bit) but given the touristish feel of all the characters (after all, they spend about half of their entire life being guests/absent in not their city) I thought that worked well.
9th Mar, 2011 12:41 (UTC)
PS What was the last overwhelming book series? I think I may have missed it.
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