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big rabbit, little rabbits

I went to see Rabbit Proof Fence and Donnie Darko last night, the proper rabbity double bill. Not that there were any rabbits in Rabbit Proof Fence, which Damian liked a lot and I thought wasn't bad even if I did spend a lot of time complaining about. Damian says there's an entire genre of films out of Australia about girls wandering about in the outback in white dresses, and he should know, being Australian. This one is different in that it's Aboriginal girls, famous ones, at that, who escaped from one of the resettlement centres for half-caste children and walked on home, 1200 miles away, sometime back in the 30s. It's quite the story, but overall, the pacing didn't quite work for me, and (for a story taken from oral history) we didn't get to hear the voices of the people enough, a real shame as when they had two of the characters speaking they had wonderful, rich, fighting voices on them. A bit too much National Geographic passivity to the look/style for my taste, but I'm very sensitised to this sort of stuff from having done Oxfam photo selection. Interesting note: there was occasional interpolation of archive footage (a train, a city street) colour corrected to blend it with the modern footage, which looked very strange indeed. And really embarrassingly bad typography in the titles. Honestly, it looked like he'd done it on i-movies. And then there was Donnie Darko. Ah, Donnie Darko, the best tale ever of going mad in the 80s, a hotch-potch of references and dreams and conspiracies and mad ideas, all shot in migraine-bright colours, and in the middle of it the boy who lookls like Xander but cuter, grinning out of his landslide mind. Also features the best use ever of a Patrick Swayze (sorry, Seera). It was pretty much a trip down memory lane for me, I knew all the music and everything -- (cut off by alarm)


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15th Nov, 2002 11:51 (UTC)
fate, up against your will
ah, yes. every movie i have watched since donnie darko have always left me slightly disappointed, in that they don't feature a time-travelling teenager on his bike grinning out of his landslide mind.
16th Nov, 2002 21:10 (UTC)
Re: fate, up against your will
Nice bit of Lewis Carrol btw.

16th Nov, 2002 05:41 (UTC)
> Not that there were any rabbits in Rabbit Proof Fence
Well that just shows what a good fence it is!
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