Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

on falling off trees (this week's strip)

So, this week's strip, which commemorates a spectacularly literal dream I had about my current job situation. I also dug out and completed a strip from last year -- you can tell it's from last year because we still had tea and coffee provided.

I had a conversation with a woman at a training exercise who was adamant that it was right that we shouldn't have free tea and coffee; but as I get older I'm noticing more and more how every unnecessary complication in a workplace adds to your neural load. Having to figure out the coffee situation anew several times a day through a fog of social anxiety and vague resentment is a problem. Get a large enough workplace with enough weird complicated rules and I suspect you could spend your life just ironing out these little wrinkles and never get any work done at all. Maybe that was what she meant.

halfway home
halfway home
a teeter and a totter

create, destroy - detail
create, destroy - detail
inky stuff

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