Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

it's a work week, you can tell

Another complex, bureaucratic dream last night. The details have gone, though; the only thing remaining is a certain fascination with the space where I was dreaming which was (again) a kind of enriched html including direct feeds from real world (rwF) and simulated, virtual or recalled (simF, vrF or mrF). The overall language environment was something called orHTML (optimised reality HyperText Markup Language) which was what happened when the earlier protocols vrHTML and the unfortunately named erHTML (virtual reality and enhanced reality, respectively) had been combined and extended, after things sped up.

For the first time this week I received a plant by post that had clearly suffered en route. The decision to pack in a soft sack rather than a box meant that my Hinnomaki Yellow gooseberry bush was less a bush and more a two-dimensional diagram of a bush. The slight curve gave the strong impression that it had been sat on. Harumph. After the faff it was to buy a single Yellow (most places having decided that people either want classic green or newfangled red, unless they are gooseberry freaks and want one of each), I really hope it comes good. And yes, I know I could complain, send it back, lah-di-dah, but to be honest I'd rather just cut the relationship at the first fail.

Speaking of fail, anyone tempted by the 25% extra free sacks of compost at B&Qitall -- don't. It's not properly rotted and the smell is -- well, quite describable as it happens.

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