Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

just because it's a long weekend doesn't mean I don't need a sanity wednesday

It's been a while. I've been walking, working and worrying, in that order. But that's hardly news; everyone's at it. There must have been some news, though, right? Actually, yes. I'm really tired, though, so I might not make it through everything:

Gardening is back I know I said I'd stopped, jinty, but the weather said go and I went. I'm back on the gardening circuit and available for fiddly stuff you don't want to do and anything that needs an extra pair of hands. Now with added Japanese Razor Hoe power! Weeds don't stand a chance :)

I had my feet nibbled by fish and it was good Remember that luxury bonkers treatment where small fish nibble dead skin off your feet? Some crazy post-dragons den entrepreneur has a bunch of foot-and-fish tanks in the Clarendon shopping centre where you can stop off and live out your Sunfish fantasies* in full view of the gawping public. It's quite an interesting sensation, like a delicate emery massage.

The Old Bookbinders is reopening Oxford's premier cultural appropriators of post-industrial space have a new yard. Their poster is up on the Boot Repairing Department just round the corner on St Mary's Road. It was squatted for a while, so they probably have a bigger clean-up job on their hands. Hope they stick with the new name, much less confusing.

Eglu seeking a new home Fox-proof, stylish, green plastic living solution for back-garden chickens currently in Jason & Charvy's back-garden, waiting for its next owner. It's in egg-cellent nick as they're practically indestructible! No hens, though - you'll have to source your own.

Gladioli are the new best flower I was slightly embarrassed about the whole gladioli thing but then it turned out my mum-in-law had independently decided she needed some, and I realised it's OK, I'm just being fashionable. I think I can safely say that we've gone for different colours, though.

I may have cooked the most fusion recipe ever At last count it had Tibetan and Chinese influences, used ingredients from South India, the Caribbean, Britain (Cockney and Country) and Italy, had Spanish, French and Middle Eastern seasonings and I probably still forgot something. Can't write down the recipe, though, it's very wrong.

No April Showers You think I'd be happy with this, but my peas are parched, my beans are sluggish and the slugs are eating extra leafs to make up the moisture. However, on the bright side we hired an angle grinder and got rid of more of the concrete. Next; the greenhouse.

*Not the one where you get caught in a Spanish fisherman's net and octopuses eat your eyes, the other one.
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