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Well, Spring is insanely busy, isn't it? And I'm about to make it worse! Yes, tenovertwelvers, your moment is here. Spring compilations are due on May 31st. I'm afraid I've not made good progress myself, I've been distracted by a series of comics projects -- namely, Nelson, Ink and Paper and of course the next issue of Whores of Mensa, where we are taking on a "dressing up" theme. Then there's the small matter of my workplace implosion; we're in another round of getting sick and having breakdowns, and I'm anxious to avoid both if at all possible. Never mind all that, though: remember the Themes of Spring!

1. Sudden spring storms, high clouds and buffeted birds!

silver birches

2. Waiting for the west wind

the paying gate

3. Up with the shoots and out with a bang

shooting for the sky

4. Bonus theme: Pie

advice for life

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