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I no longer own any blue jeans

I got home a bit tired and angry, so I cut the hedge. I'm leaving it a bit of a head and a bit of a tush. I guess it's going to tope into something at some point, but for now it's mostly getting narrower. Back on long days at work again and feeling the strain. Tried on a smart pair of shoes (I'll need some for when I have to reapply for my job) but even just walking round the shop twice gave me knee pain. They were called "Euro comfort", but I guess my feet just aren't very European. Never mind, I'll find a pair of nice shoes, eh, somewhere.

At least I got to walk home accompanied by bloodlossgirl's airy springtime mix, Light enough to Travel, a smooth mix of wild weather, interesting wanderings and vastness of the sky.

light enough to travel
light enough to travel
wandery and wild

Drinking in Gomorrah was my favourite from the mix, but there were too many second places to choose. Have Pictureplane and Goth Star:


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29th Jun, 2011 01:56 (UTC)
I'd never seen a video for Goth Star before - excellent use of Louise Brooks!

I'm glad you enjoyed this one - I did too. Drinking in Gomorrah is tied for favorite with the Clare Maguire for me. :)
29th Jun, 2011 19:31 (UTC)
new folk arts springing up all the time
setting silent stars to modern music seems to be something of a thing on Youtube -- fan videos fast becoming better than the real thing
29th Jun, 2011 08:47 (UTC)
Perhaps Euro comfort is a bit like American thin or Somali peace - the bar is set fairly low.
29th Jun, 2011 19:41 (UTC)
and they're orange
Never mind. I found a pair of moccasin-inspired German shoes today
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