Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

you always forget yourself -- and what about summer?

Ooof, my wrists are sore. All this restructuring stuff takes it out of a person. Still, here I am in the warm and dry with a kitten at the end of a ribbon and Thomas Voeckler's dangling tongue on the telly. So it's not all bad. Speaking of which, I was trying to explain the appeal of the Tour de France to my nearest and dearest, and it does have an appeal beyond the obvious*; it's long, terrifying huge, and full of bewildering and ever-shifting rules and regulations. In its cruel and arbitrary nature it mirrors life itself.

Speaking of life itself, has anyone round here learned how to drive in later life? Is it impossible? If things go ill in the next few weeks, I may need to.

Oh, and also -- tenovertwelvers. I forgot that I forgot to include my compilation in the mix:

The rain fell slantwise
The rain fell slantwise
The electrodrizzle compilation

My mind was on a rainy spring in a west-country seaside town, and being the only elecrogoth on the pier. Rain in your fringe and cheap black dye leaking out of your trousers. Ah, memories. Bang up to date on the youtubes, though -- go under the cut for a hypnotic fan video to Crystal Castle's Birds

Best start thinking about the summer compilation soon, I guess. Any suggestions for compilation themes? My brain is quite fried for the thinking at the moment, when I'm not actively awash with adrenalin. Then I snap into focus so fast I overshoot. Flashbacks to all the people who've ever told me: you do your best work when you're under pressure. Gah.

*The three Ls -- legs, landscape and lycra.

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