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a series of short updates

Woke up this morning from an unfortunate dream about engaging positively with the Big Society, as represented by a young man in a consultation meeting who kept volunteering his Dad to do complicated database/web-integration work, insisting that all the tasks in question were really easy and could be done in no time. Feeling entirely too much like I was at work already, I woke up and spent the next hour holding the cat. She didn't seem to mind too much.

My roll of Astroturf ordered off a the broken website turned up today, so my plans for the verandah can go ahead. Next comes the ladder, more woodchip paper removal (yay!) the new sink and the bitter fight against ancient encrusted layers of gloss paint. Anyone got any tips on that? (shermarama, I share your pain)

My courgettes are flowering like monsters but not setting a single squash. What's going wrong? Not enough food? Can someone wise in the ways of the squash please advise? I've had a go at pollinating them myself with a Japanese ink brush but to no avail

Making good progress on my strip for Ink + Paper which has now been beaten down to a typically dense five pages of thrilling Human Cannonball action. It's onto character sketches and dialogue honing now rather than watching The Cannon Lady on Youtube, but still fun.

Speaking of fun, I've just done my workshop description for Austerity Caption 2011:

Reuse, Recycle, Regurgitate

Which comics would you put in the blue box? From old favourites to comics you wish had never been born, bring along dupes, copies or even originals to be modified and mutilated in this open-access, drop-in drop-out collage workshop -- no art skills required. Join us as we remake comics history into brave new works of weird and twisted genius.

I suspect it'll be less workshop-leading, more making sure the younger convention members don't eat the pritt-stick or run with scissors, but it should be fun.

The new Modernist Disco electro night that timscience and others are putting on has scored a big favourite of mine for the headliner -- Gyratory System, you can buy tickets online here.


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14th Jul, 2011 08:49 (UTC)
Gloss paint - First try a hot air gun (or a blow torch) and then scrape. If the gloss paint is very old it will burn rather than peeling, paint stripper works well to soften it but can turn it into a glutinous mass if you use too much. This works well on a smooth surface but on wood the indentations catch small flecks (just leave them and paint over). Never seen anything work well on concrete. I'd be interested to hear how it comes out.
14th Jul, 2011 11:18 (UTC)
I do like that icon. I've been a fan of IKB for years and the 2D Goggles interpretation of him tickles me on all sorts of levels...
14th Jul, 2011 14:29 (UTC)
2D goggles is fun and it is nice to have one's profession perceived as cool hence the icon.
14th Jul, 2011 20:20 (UTC)
they really did put it everywhere
How about brick? (urgh)
15th Jul, 2011 08:21 (UTC)
Re: they really did put it everywhere
Brick can take very high temperatures and does not conduct well so you might be able to burn it off with a blowtorch. Probably worth checking with an expert/internet first. Good luck, you'll need that and a large dollop of fortitude.
14th Jul, 2011 11:11 (UTC)
zengineer's got the size of it, as far as I know. I haven't done much paint stripping before, and I'm just going for making things gooey with paint stripper. I may well end up with an unsmooth finish but a finish the paint sticks to will be better than nothing; this is a House Of Bodge and that'll do.
14th Jul, 2011 20:26 (UTC)
welcome to the house of bodge
Likewise -- I'm faced with a bad case of other people having inexpertly slapped gloss on it (mostly grey, for goodness sake, why?) over all manner of crap, nothing sits too well on top of it (oh I've tried)
15th Jul, 2011 18:24 (UTC)
Re: welcome to the house of bodge
Yesterday's experiments with paint stripper reveal that the gloss on the inside of the bedroom door used to be a strong mid-green. Better than grey, at least.
14th Jul, 2011 18:43 (UTC)
I was beginning to despair of my courgette, too, but it's started to set fruit now. It is not receiving any special care and attention; just the odd meagre dose of tomato feed.
14th Jul, 2011 20:27 (UTC)
Re: Courgette
OK, well maybe I'm just being impatient then! I'll eat some flowers in the meantime... and give them a feed, why not?
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