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life, eh, what can you do?

The first of my courgettes has set. No quite sure if it's a tromboncino or a long white yet. Give it a day to see how it fills out, I guess. The first two tomatoes are orange on the vine. And the slugs snipped through my most successful bean vine and it has withered and died :(

Adventures in ice cream continue. The ginger, lemongrass and honey frozen yoghurt was a bit hard. I put too much cream in the chocolate ice cream, making it a bit bland; and the orange ice cream would have worked better if I'd cooked the oranges and included more zest. Which means that (implausibly) gooseberry is still the winner, closely followed by cherry and blueberry.

Tried stuffing a poussin with curry plant flowers at the weekend (mostly because the curry plant needed a haircut). Nice, but not as successful as thyme. What next? Maybe stuffing a quail with lavender? Serve with a parmesan-beetroot game chip and a coulis of jerusalem artichoke (or not).

Went to the Zodiac at the weekend to see a gaggle of bands, and that's me giggled for a bit. Not Trucking this year, I'm going to Zoo Lates instead. Owl hour here I come!


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18th Jul, 2011 22:54 (UTC)
did you grow the lemongrass yourself? I am wondering about trying that in the uk
19th Jul, 2011 06:54 (UTC)
No, it was shop bought, but Victoriana stock the seed http://www.victoriananursery.co.uk/herb_seeds/lemon_grass_seed_east_indian/ which suggests that it does just fine here

I think it's the sort to need a bright, cosy place in winter, though

19th Jul, 2011 02:01 (UTC)
Your talk of courgettes, tromboncinos, and poussins was like overhearing a conversation at the station in a foreign language one doesn't know. It was lyrical and beautiful despite the fact that I don't know what these things are. I know I could look them up, but that might spoil the mystery. Go on. Keep talking about these strange and exotic things.

(I wouldn't mind sampling your ice cream experiments, however. That part I understood well enough.)
19th Jul, 2011 07:51 (UTC)
Amaranths and Pequinillo coming up next.
19th Jul, 2011 12:30 (UTC)
Ooh! You can talk garden to me all day long.
19th Jul, 2011 07:30 (UTC)
I thought Zoo Lates was some kind of new fashionable coffee - the Zoo Latte, with added essence of wombat!
19th Jul, 2011 07:53 (UTC)
I suspect zoo-themed foods and drinks may be involved -- oh, speaking of which -- it ends well before tubes stop so I think we'll just head on home that eve, no need for lift (although thanks for the offer)
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