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miffed snow leopardwhat's her face?redheads can wear pink!

and many more here.

( http://www.glasseye.f9.co.uk/snapfrm.html will get you back into the frame set to his other cool photies )


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19th Nov, 2002 17:47 (UTC)
Hey, I'm Faith, I sent an email to you a couple of days ago...trinityinfinity? I really do enjoy your work, you are a truely talented artist.
20th Nov, 2002 09:25 (UTC)
... and not the trinityinfinity on LJ, it seems. I sent you an email. Thanks for liking my stuff!

20th Nov, 2002 08:08 (UTC)
Missed seeing you at the pub last night -- left around 9:30 or so. I presume you were there? Will co-ordinate with you about Aladdin Sane separately.

Was burbling to the others that I was definitely coming to Brian Aldiss/OUSFG tonight but think I will give it a miss nevertheless. Tidying at home and a quiet night in calls to me.

Sorry for filling up your journal with trivia -- should have put it in mine really.
20th Nov, 2002 09:24 (UTC)
You lightweight ;) Jetlag still causing pain? Aladdin Sane stays in my bag till you're ready for him.
20th Nov, 2002 09:44 (UTC)
Re: blehhh
Not really jetlag, just the sense that there's still lots to do at home (like finish unpacking the last remnants of my holiday bag, and clothes washing). Plus am aiming to have the energy for Queen Adreena tomorrow. You on for that?

By the way, friend Pete M is up for anti-folk night next week. Posse! Should be crowded with like-minded folk in the Port Mahon. Have you met Pete ex-Heavenly? Surely...
20th Nov, 2002 09:54 (UTC)
Re: blehhh
errrrrrr *blush*

actually, I'm in London tomorrow. Seeing flayed people. I forgot about that on Monday (beer amnesia). Sorry!

Pete ex-Heavenly? What, isn't he heavenly any more? Awww!
20th Nov, 2002 09:12 (UTC)
Ooo! Is that last one some sort of ...
Lego Warrior Woman???

20th Nov, 2002 09:22 (UTC)
Re: Ooo! Is that last one some sort of ...
Actually, no, she's a playmobil princess. The sword belongs to a playmobil guard, the firey crown to a playmobil ghost. Bigger than lego.
20th Nov, 2002 15:16 (UTC)
Re: Ooo! Is that last one some sort of ...
Right, now I see ... scale's a bit tricky in that pic. :-)

Ah yes, I remember well the pitched battles between my Legos and Playmobils. The Playmobils may have been taller, with prefab castles & forts, and *actually* have rifles ... but those Liliputian Legos could builds ships, tanks, and aircraft. :-)

Incidentally, I don't think much of the evolution of Lego faces to a variety of expressions ... there was just something so wonderfully psychopathic about having a horde of cheerfully smiling yellow faces assaulting the Playmobil castle with cruel poleaxes... *grin*

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