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Harlequin just brought in a Cabbage White. They're her favourite toy this year as the dry spring meant the lime leaves grew small and mean and there aren't Lime Hawk Moths in any great quantity. Where she found a Cabbage White in the middle of the night I don't know. I don't even have any cabbages. I guess something out there must count as a Brassica though (Nasturtiums?) as I seem to have plenty. I also found two wasp corpses tidily laid out, so I guess she doesn't mind spicy food.

Other good things; Captain America, Bath Spa by train for our anniversary, Brixton Windmill and its random roof-dog, Flying Monsters not in 3D but with David Attenborough Q&A, Saffron bulbs from my little sister, the Mad Sprawling Chicken plant (Liatris), Ripper Teeth at Rose Hill, first of the summer squashes, a new tool arriving in a box only just big enough for a tiny cat.